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Ocean Adventure Kits

Ocean Adventure Kits are an innovative product launched by SeaWorld that aims to bring the fun and educational value of ocean adventure into families. 
These kits offer users of all ages a unique way to explore and learn about marine ecology while experiencing the excitement of ocean adventure at home.

Ocean Adventure Kit contains a series of carefully designed tools and educational materials, such as marine life models, interactive maps, ecological environment puzzle games and DIY ecological experiment kits. The kits are designed to provide hands-on learning experiences that help users understand the habits of marine life, the complex-ity of marine ecosystems, and the importance of environmental protection.


National Geographic’s Science Kits, Smithsonian’s Eco-Labs


Ocean Adventure Kits reinforces our mission of connecting individuals and the sea through a harmonious blend of entertainment, education, and conservation by bringing users a unique family learning experience, we integrate the excitement and educational value of ocean exploration into daily life, encouraging users of all ages to learn and care about our ocean world together. 



What makes Ocean Adventure Kits unique is its focus on ocean themes and eco-friendly ideas. SeaWorld draws on its expertise in marine life and ecological conservation to provide these kits with a wealth of scientific information and educational value. In addition, the activities and materials in the kit are not just for entertainment, but also designed to inspire users' curiosity about marine ecology and awareness of conservation.



VR Marine Adventure

Virtual Reality Marine Adventures is a new experience that brings users immer-sive ocean adventures through the latest virtual reality technology. Users can experience the wonders of the deep sea at home, have close contact with marine life, and learn about their living habits and ecological environment.
This VR experience offers a variety of ocean environments such as coral reefs, deep sea ravines, and polar waters. Users can “dive” to observe various marine life such as whales, dolphins and sea turtles. With every “dive”, users will gain new knowl-edge, such as the food chain of marine life, the geographical features of the ocean, and the impact of human activities on marine ecology.


Play Station VR, Ocean Rift, theBlu


Virtual Reality (VR) Marine Adventures reinforces our mission of connecting individuals and the sea through a harmonious blend of entertainment, education, and conservation by allow visitors to travel through the ocean world, interact with marine life, and learn about the ocean environment. This virtual adventure will combine entertainment and education to provide visitors with a unique experience. 



What makes Virtual Reality (VR) Marine Adventures unique compared to other brands is its educational element. It’s not just a game, it’s an all-encompassing experience that combines marine science education and conservation awareness. 
In addition, this project of SeaWorld is also closely connected with real marine protection work, and a part of the experience revenue will be used to support the actual protection work of marine ecology.



Marine Film Festivals

Marine Film Festivals is a new and educational event launched by SeaWorld dedicated to showcasing the wonder and importance of the ocean through film. 
The festival aims to bring together filmmakers, scientists, educators and ocean lovers from around the world to explore and celebrate the beauty and ecologi-cal diversity of the ocean.
The festival includes screenings of a carefully selected series of ocean-themed films and documentaries covering aspects of marine biology, ecological conservation, ocean exploration and environmental issues. In addition to film screenings, the event will include filmmaking workshops, discussion panels and Q&A sessions with marine experts, providing audiences with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the world of the ocean.


Sundance Film Festival,
Cannes Film Festival


Marine Film Festivals reinforces our mission of connecting individuals and the sea through a harmonious blend of entertainment, education, and conservation by  the power of film, the beauty and fragility of the ocean are revealed to the world, not only providing entertainment, but also educating and inspiring audiences and enhancing their awareness of ocean protection.



Marine Film Festivals are unique in their focus on marine themes. SeaWorld draws on its expertise in marine life display and conservation to select and display works that are both educational and emotionally resonant. Additionally, the opportunity to interact directly with experts and filmmakers provides participants with a deeper learning and engagement experience.

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