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SeaWorld was founded in 1964 by a group of entrepreneurs in San 
Diego, California. It quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to marine life entertainment, featuring attractions such as killer whale shows and interactive exhibits. Over the years, SeaWorld expanded its operations to include additional theme parks in Orlando, Florida, and San Antonio, Texas.

SeaWorld’s original image and purpose stemmed from an emerging curiosity and interest in marine life in the 1960s. When it was founded in 1964 in San Diego, 
California, it was conceived as a place to showcase the wonders of marine life, allowing the public to get up close and learn about these mysterious creatures. 
The original SeaWorld focused on providing dolphin and sea lion shows that were not just for entertainment but also aimed at educating the public and raising their awareness of marine life.

Early activities:
In its early days, SeaWorld’s main attraction was its marine animal shows, particu-larly those of dolphins and sea lions. These performances showcase the intelli-gence and dexterity of the animals while also instilling a deep interest in marine life among the audience. In addition to performances, SeaWorld also offers some basic educational exhibits introducing different types of marine life and their living environments.
Although SeaWorld’s original intention was to raise public awareness and interest in marine ecology through performances and displays, over time it began to face criticism. Criticism has mainly focused on the use of animals for performances and displays, which is considered to potentially violate the principles of animal welfare and marine conservation. The welfare of animals and the impact on the natural environment have become the focus of public and environmental organizations.

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